As we work in new, more hybrid ways at home, the office, the café and elsewhere — wellbeing takes on even greater importance for employer and employee.

Here we explore a few of the insights & implications around how we maintain balance in a world of hybrid work:

By Jonny Wood

A world of hybrid work brings new emerging habits & behaviours for us all — and one of the most important changes is constant change.

We’re all changing place, changing state, changing mode more often and that creates new demands for flexibility and adaptability across devices. In this brief insight video we explore what this means:

By Aayush Surana

By Martin Sawtell

XR is weird.

Imagine developing for a modern smartphone the first time - where before on PC you always had a keyboard and mouse, everything ran in a window, and there was an established order to how you interacted with each. Instead, now, there may or may not be a keyboard, a tap is a click and a swipe is a long slidey tap with a start, a finish, which goes all over the place. Also, you can only ever have one window at a time, which takes the whole screen. …

The New Employer-Employee Relationship

Exploring future possibilities for a more transparent relationship

Photo by Traf on Unsplash

By Jonny Wood and Mark Law

The employer-employee relationship is changing — and Covid, as with so much of working life, has turbo-charged this shift.

Both employer and worker, manager and team, now need new visibility and greater transparency. The more distributed nature of hybrid work necessitates a richer picture on both what everyone is doing and how everyone is doing.

This isn’t new.

The relationship between employer and employee has been evolving for a long time: employee experience has been a priority for the whole c-suite for…

By Aayush Surana

In late 2020, India’s telco Bharti Airtel partnered with PepsiCo to launch a campaign offering free data with every packet of crisps. For a packet costing less than half a dollar, you could get free 2 gigabyte (GB) data. At $0.09 per gigabyte (GB), the average cost of mobile data in India is now the cheapest in the world.

Low data costs like these have given rise to a new segment of digital consumers — not just in India but across developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These are the next billion individuals who are…

By Martin Sawtell

Imagine, if you will, the following scene: a family is getting ready for the children’s school day. Each child sits in their chair around the table, puts on their headset, and is immediately immersed in a classroom with all their friends.

The distinction between reality and a virtual projection of a classroom moves to the corners of their conscious; the teacher is at the front and it truly “feels” like a real classroom. By turning their head, the child is able to see their classmates sitting beside them. By raising their hand, they can be called on…

By Jonny Wood

It’s a truism that we tend to overestimate change in the short-term and underestimate it long-term. But Covid-19 is challenging that as a turbo-charging accelerant for what was already on the horizon: a hybrid workplace.

What we know going forward is that employees will all be more “hybrid” — changing place, changing state, changing mode more constantly. For those who can work independently of their workplace, work will not be binary — either entirely at the office or entirely remote — but hybrid across the office, the home, third spaces, and more.

We explore some of the…

Augmented Team

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